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Doctoral Dissertations


Muhammad Aamir Nadeem. Factors Affecting Implementations of Occupational Health and Safety Practices in Manufacturing Organisations in Developing Countries. (Main Supervisor, Ongoing).

Joana Eva Dodoo. Safety Citizenship Behaviour of Employees in Ghana’s Mining Industry: The Mediating Effect of Psychological Safety. (Main Supervisor, 2020).

Nur Sakeena Zahidah Mohamed Shah Redza. Examining the Relationship between Women’s
Multiple Roles and their Well-Being. (Main Supervisor, 2021)

Jakaria Dasan. Intention to Pursue an Academic Career among Malaysian University Students:
The Role of Passion, Role Model, Perceived Workplace Flexibility, and Career Decision-Making
Self-Efficacy. (Main Supervisor, Completed 2017).

Mohd Nasir Selamat. Ergonomics Work System and Occupational Safety and Health
Performance: Mediating Effects of Psychosocial Work Factors. (Main Supervisor, Completed 2016).

Au Yong Hui Nee. Antecedents and Outcomes on Safety Behaviour: Evidence from Malaysian
Logistic Sector. (Co-Supervisor, Completed 2015).

Chong Yee Joan. Irrational Beliefs, Organisational Factors and Stakeholder Expectations
affecting Teachers’ Psychological Stress: The Effect of Social Support. (Co-Supervisor, Completed 2014)

Muhammaddavood Bilraman. Managers’ Quality of Work Life and Their Job Performance in Thailand Auto Industry. (Co-Supervisor, Completed 2013).

Che Supian Mohamad Nor. Employee Turnover Intention in the Merger and Acquisition: The
Experience of Malaysian Banking Sector. (Main Supervisor, Completed 2008).

Masters Dissertations

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Khor Lay Kheng, Safety Capital and Safety Participation in Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) in Malaysian Manufacturing Companies. (Main Supervisor, Completed 2017).


Siti Fatimah Zakaria, The Intention to Repatriate among Self-Initiated Expatriates: The Role of Home and Host Country Pull Factors. (Main Supervisor, Completed 2017).

Nur Zahiyah Othman, Relationship between International Students‘ Experience Adjustment and Academic Performance in Malaysian Public Universities. (Co-Supervisor, Completed 2015).


Khoo Teng Hong, Safety Management Practices and Safety Behaviour: A Study of SMEs in NCER, Malaysia. (Main Supervisor, Completed 2012).

Tan Chin An, The Effect of Different Generations Psychosocial Work Climate on the Employees Work Performance. (Main Supervisor, Completed 2012).​

Choong Yin Er, An Empirical Study of Factors Influencing Individual Work Performance in Manufacturing Firm X (Main Supervisor, Completed 2008).​

Suo Honggang, A Study on the Relationship between Personality and Intrinsic Career Success: The Case of Banking System in Beijing. (Co-Supervisor, Competed 2008).

Yeap Gim Ean, Type-A Personality Behaviour, Job Demand and Job-related Outcomes: The Role of Corporate Wellness Program. (Co-Supervisor, Completed 2010).

Fu Jin Liang, Expatriate Performance and The Big-Five Personality: The Mediating Effect of Expatriate Adjustment. (Main Supervisor, Completed 2008).​

Azlin Natasha Bt Tarmizi, QWL and Turnover Intention- The Mediating Effects of Career and Organisational Commitment. (Main Supervisor, Completed 2008).

MBA Theses

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Siti Nur Aqilah Binti Azhar. (2018). An Analysis of Factors Influencing Motorcycles Accidents in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

 munikasi Di Malaysia].

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Muhammad Firdaus Bin Muhammad Zamzuri. (2016). A Study on Safety and Health Risks at the Terminal Container Port.



Norsalsabila Ridzuan. (2016). A Study on Safety and Health of Employees: Risk at Container Terminal Port.


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Izzatul Hassanah Ibrahim. (2011). USM Arts Students Receptivity to International Work.



Sabihah Shaugi. (2011). LMX and Supervision Satisfaction among Postgraduate Students in Universiti Sains Malaysia.


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Tuan Azura Bt Raja Ismail. (2008). The Factors Influencing Receptivity to International Work amongst USM Students.



Muha Anun Bt Mohd Noor. (2006). Domestic Tourist Perception of Penang’s Tourism Products Service Quality [Persepsi Pelancong Domestik terhadap Kualiti Perkhidmatan Produk Pelancongan Pulau Pinang].


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Siti Nadiah Bt Ahmad Suhud. (2006). Factors Influencing Service Quality: The Perception of Malaysian Telecommunication Consumer Service [Faktor Mempengaruhi Perkhidmatan Berkualiti: Pengguna Perkhidmatan Telekomunikasi Di Malaysia].

Keyboard and Mouse

Undergraduate Theses

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